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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Finale Top 10

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The highly anticipated Power Book 3 raising cane in season finale had its fair share of emotion, drama, teases, and more. Here is WorldWide Entertainment TV’s top ten moments.



Marvin catches the drug addict he tried to save after he went back to the pipe.


Unique and Rack have an almost intimate moment.

Unique wants to find out if Rack ever had a sexual attraction to him despite their competition to be the top dealer in their city. It may have also been a major reason why he never dropped a dime on her operation to the mafia.


Speaking of the mafia a new character by the name of Stefano Marchetti, the godfather of New York City’s mafia scene and the most powerful man in town. The character is portrayed by none other than Tony Danza from 80’s classic sitcom Who’s The Boss?. He seemingly will come back for season 3 and it is quite interesting to see him play the complete opposite of his lovable comedic character.


Officer Burke continues to just be… well officer Burke poking around to find out about Qak Raq’s baby daddy Howard. Little does she know he got that juice in the streets.


Speaking of streets, it gets lit up by cane ins family when they look to take out the Italians.

The streets also sees Kanan back on it going rogue with his friend famous after it appears he is fully breaking away from the control of his mom despite using her product.

It is sad to see a son get turned off by his mother’s ways, but then the next scene we see why. Raq went and backstabbed her brother Lou by having a financial arrangement with her brother’s record label.


Burke catches cane in on the streets and arrests her partner’s son. Things get complicated to where Howard believes it’s time for his estranged family to have a sit down.

Juke’s mother gets murdered when she goes to have a conversation with rack about her.

Unique is the knight in shining armor for Rack as he puts a bullet in one of the Italian’s chest as he saves Rack’s life. Season 2 finale hangs on a great cliffhanger.