As Power: Ghost just returned to air over the weekend, fans are being hyped for Starz’s Power Book IV: Force which is just mere weeks away. A new trailer has been released on Monday, January 10th and has people already anticipating intriguing drama from the next installment of the Power Universe.50 Cent is once again at the helm of the television series expansion as we get a glimpse of what to expect in a nearly two-minute-long visual.  Following the death of his friend Ghost, and his girlfriend LaKeisha, Tommy Egan, who is portrayed by Joseph Sikora is plastered as a maniacal character. He decides to take a vulnerable dive into his past, running away from New York for a fresh start in Chicago, where he ultimately gets caught up in the city’s drug game.

“New York is over, this is my chance,” Tommy says in the preview of the upcoming show. As Complex reports, he “finds himself upsetting a crime family” in Chi City, and we see a man named Walter Flynn informing him that he’s made some sort of “impression” on people in the area.

When speaking with PEOPLE Sikora explained that his character is “lost” in Power Book IV, seeing as he can’t return to NYC. “He lost his brother Ghost. He lost the woman he loves, Holly, and their unborn child. He lost Keisha. His mother is non-existent,” the 45-year-old actor said.

“We’ve always seen Tommy with something. We’ve seen what he hates, but also what he loves – and he’s lost both. He’s lost any connection he’s had. Everybody [is] against him and he’s burned a lot of bridges… I think the problem Tommy runs into is that Chicago looks and feels close enough to New York, and he thinks, ‘Oh, this will be easy.’ And it’s not that easy.”

Sikora also told the outlet that other familiar faces would be returning alongside him, although “that doesn’t necessarily mean the character is truly there or alive.” Other cast members include Tommy Flanagan, Lucien Cambric, Anthony Flemming III, Kris D. Lofton, Shane Harper, Gabrielle Ryan, Lili Simmons, and Issac Keys.

Power Book IV: Force, premiering Sunday, February 6th on STARZ below.