Premier Doug Ford Trends With #FordFailedThePeople Hashtag

POLITICS - George Johnston Article


The Canadian cities have been hit with the coronavirus as other cities across the globe. With Ontario having the biggest city in Canada, Premier Doug Ford was challenged to help control the spread of Covid-19 when it broke out in his province.

As usual, he pleased some people and others critiqued his leadership skills at the start of the pandemic. One thing was certain though, everyone came together to back the Premiere in these times of need for the people.

However, with the second wave of the coronavirus is here with the flu season arrival, there are those coming down hard on Ford’s handling of the situation. There are even some who are questioning where the federal government’s $9 billion funding has went. Ford is known to be conservative and making cuts to have lower expenses for the Ontario government, but possibly this is not the time for such political moves with the pandemic. Check out the reactions below as Ford plans to address the public later today(Oct. 5th) about his new plans to help curb the rising cases of covid-19.