President Trump States Kanye Will Take Votes From Joe Biden

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Kanye West shocked the world with his unexpected announcement of running for president of the United States. Everyone remembers Kanye West fully supporting the current president in Donald Trump and was a full on hat wearing MAGA representative.

Since his announcement, West has denounced the red hat and also Trump. David Harris Jr., an advisor for Black Voices for Trump, recently stated that Kanye West’s bid for president could be a strategic attempt to take away the Black votes from Joe Biden who is now the only candidate with a chance of beating Trump. “I don’t really think he’s serious about really trying to win the presidency right now. I think that if anything, it’s more strategic and maybe trying to get some black votes that would have voted voted for Biden to actually vote for Kanye,” Harris Jr. told Just The News.

After John Solomon tweeted the article, Trump quoted it and wrote, “That shouldn’t be hard. Corrupt Joe has done nothing good for Black people!”

Kanye West seems to take the Democratic party and Joe Biden as more of his opposition although Trump is also in his way for the position at the White House. Trump still sides with Kanye in terms of not wanting the Democrats back in power.

“[He’s a] very good guy. He is a person that I get along with very well. At the end I think he would support us over anyone else, we have to stop the radical left from taking over our country,” Trump told Sean Hannity a few days ago.