Press Release: James Qupid Releases “Holy Water”

James Qupid Releases "Holy Water"



James Qupid unveils his new single, “Holy Water.” “Holy Water” was created during the quarantine while James Qupid was in deep thought reflecting on the state of our new norm and the pandemic. He began to cook up a new beat while humming the melody of the chorus. He started playing his keyboard, then a kick and snare later, “Holy Water,” was conceived.

Growing up singing in the church choir, James Qupid developed a strong spiritual background. His Gospel and R&B roots run deep and that inspires him musically. “Holy Water” is a reflection of his upbringing. The song’s fun and vibrant sound was created to uplift and encourage everyone. “During these difficult times, I wanted to create a song that exudes healing,” James Qupid explains.

“Holy Water” blends Hip-Hop and R&B with beefy drums and 808 bass. Ironically, James Qupid linked up with music producer Bless to create this symbol of spiritual enlightenment. “Holy Water” is a lively summer bop that will make every listeners’ playlist.

Artist’s Bio:

James Qupid is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from South Florida. Warm as wool and smooth as silk, James Qupid is mighty versatile. James Qupid has been honing his craft like a seasoned chef; he puts as much soul into his sultry dishes as mama’s home cooking. Obsessed with pairing live instrumentation with space age digital sounds and wicked bass, James Qupid has a unique talent of crafting songs that simultaneously feel retro and futuristic. His innovative streak has him freely hybridizing genres as diverse as Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Rock, with a healthy smattering of electronic influences. His smooth vocals and playful, yet understanding, lyrics exude the attitude of a suave and experienced man worthy of the moniker derived from the god of love.





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