Pressa on Dating Coi Leray, Details How They Met & Why They Broke Up

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In a sit down interview with Vladtv‘s Shirley Ju, Pressa discusses his past relationship with fellow hip hop artist Coi Leray. As everyone knows they created a hit single with “Attachments” and were seen together heavily after its release. He talked about first meeting her and really enjoying her energy.
Coi Leray in an interview with Breakfast Club, the “Blick Blick” rapper was asked, “Are you still in your relationship?” Leray responded “No, I’m single,” which then began the conversation into how her relationship status changed.

“I love Pressa. I think he is amazing, he is a sweet man, We’re still great friends,” she begins. “As a new artist, I feel like it’s selfish of me to paint you to what I would want you to be, knowing you can’t right now.”

The New Jersey native then begins explaining the difficulties of Pressa fitting into the American music scene.

“Not only are you upcoming but you’re from Canada, coming into America. You have a different sound; you have an accent. You have to do a lot more things to make people gravitate towards you,” she said.

The Toronto rapper would not speak on her highly publicized back-and-forth with her father, Benzino. Later in the clip, Pressa talked about his brother getting out of prison before reflecting on his previous remarks about America’s culture. To hear Pressa describe partying with Diddy, his upcoming projects, and his plans for giving back, check out the rest of the clip below.