Before the untimely death of of Takeoff, there were already speculation on what the future held for the Migos group. The Atlanta hip-hop trio came as Quavo and Takeoff embarked on their journey as a duo as Unc and Phew. When they dropped “Hotel Lobby,” it seemed like a strong indication that Culture III was the final bow from Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset together. Over the months that followed, the tension between Quavo and Offset became evident and the future of the Migos was uncertain.

Following Takeoff’s death in November, Quavo and Offset stated that they would be taking a step back to focus on family. They didn’t confirm or deny whether they were on better terms but fans hoped that was the case. Unfortunately, during the Grammys, Quavo and Offset allegedly got into an altercation when the latter tried to join the former onstage during his tribute to Take. Since then, neither has addressed the rumored altercation.

Fans expecting any kind of Migos reunion in the near future between Quavo and Offset will be disappointed with the message Quavo has with the single “Greatness”.  Quavo explained on his new song “Greatness” that there is no group without Takeoff. “Came in, swept the game like a storm with the motherfuckin’ flow, n***a, Take’ did that,” he raps. “So don’t ask about the group, he gone, we gone, young n***a, it can’t come back.”

Shortly after that couplet, fans believed that he took a shot at Offset when he rapped, “I can’t kick it with a fake/ And I won’t sleep with the snakes.” Though he didn’t mention names, Quavo previously suggested that there was some level of disloyalty between ‘Set and Quavo, which prevented them from rectifying their relationship. Despite the tension, he later acknowledges the impact that they had on the world. “Never forget that the Migos amazin’/ Look at the ice and the knots in my pants, you know that them young n***as made it,” Quavo raps on the song. In the outro, he shouts out the Migos as “the greatest group in the world.” Check out the video for “Greatness” above.