According to a report from TMZ, Nenobia Washington reportedly fell to her death, and the police think that she may have committed suicide. The “Queen Of Brooklyn” was found unconscious in front of a New York City building on Saturday evening, and she was pronounced dead after being rushed to a nearby hospital. The medical examiner has not yet determined a cause of death, but it’s being presumed that she intentionally jumped from the sixth story of the building.

The father of Nenobia’s children, David Jackson, was reportedly informed that she fell from a window, but the family has received differing accounts from alleged witnesses. Jackson said that despite rumors that she had been missing, Nenobia had called their son the night before her death, and had not disappeared.

GoFundMe has been launched for the late 38-year-old influencer’s family, which has already raised over $31,000. The money will be used to organize a legendary send-off for BK TidalWave in Brooklyn, and any additional funds will be used for Jackson to raise their son Tyeleck.

She went viral in 2015 after a tirade against Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Dame Dash, and ISIS in a HotNewHipHop interview that you could see below.