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Quentin Miller Exposes OVO and Drake: “Worst Deal Ever”

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One of the biggest beef in modern day rap surrounded Drake and Meek Mill when the Philly hip hop artist exposed the Toronto rapper for having a ghostwriter.

Miller stated he signed “worst deal ever” with Billboard topping artist Drake. Meek Mill in frustration with Drake’s lack of promotion for his album that he was featured on decided to out him in 2015. Meek made his claims, OG Maco chimed in, tweeting pictures of credits from Drake songs and highlighting the name Quentin Miller. Meek later tweeted the name, as well.

Miller is an Atlanta rapper, that got started as a part of a group called WDNG Crshrs.

Let me teach yall dumbass fucks how to read credits 1st line: song writers 2nd line: producer 3rd line: co-production pic.twitter.com/dmzDECaIct
— OG Maco (@OGMaco) July 22, 2015

The only reason I spoke up is so my friend could finally get his credit. But he being a punk ass nigga and won’t say a word. Still truth.
— OG Maco (@OGMaco) July 22, 2015

Miller’s name appears on five songs from IYRTITL: “10 Bands,” “Know Yourself,” “No Tellin,” “Used To,” and “6 Man.” He’s also credited on “R.I.C.O.,” the song that ignited this whole conspiracy. Meek claims he “found out” Drake didn’t write his verse for the song after the album was released and that if he had known, he would’ve removed it. Apparently this sentiment is why Drake didn’t socially support Dreams Worth More Than Money. OG Maco’s manager, Steven Dingle, chimed in as well:

He has. And they are fire RT @RealLifeKaz: Whoever is writing drake’s raps, can that guy drop an album? He must have that 🔥🔥🔥
— Steven Dingle (@stevozone4) July 22, 2015

Now the artist in 2023 is claiming that he never received any payment from Drizzy for his work. Check out the clip below.

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