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Quentin Miller Speaks On Nas Getting Backlash On “KD3”

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Quentin Miller has been quite vocal in his interview with Vladtv about his role as a ghostwriter, royalty cheques, and Nas’ King’s Disease III.

After receiving exposure during the Drake and Meek Mill beef years ago, Quentin Miller continues to get backlash by some artists for his pen work. His own music does not receive the same reverence as his writing credits have and it continues with the iconic Nas.

Miller has writing credits on Nas’s King’s Disease 3 and with his past work as a ghostwriter, it led some people to believe the legendary lyricist didn’t write all of his rhymes on his latest project. Quentin Miller has revealed the extent of his contribution to the album as only bouncing ideas to Hit-Boy and Nas.

Nas told Miller he respected his work as an MC, but QM notes that the history he has with ghostwriting is a double edged sword.

“I respect Nas and love Nas like any other rapper in this world. To get an opportunity to work with him and he’s telling me, ‘Yo man, you’re one of the dopest new rappers I’ve heard.’ I’m taking this in. This is a great thing,” he explained. Ironically, getting an opportunity to work the iconic rapper also caused the Queensbridge legend to back away from Quentin Miller due to backlash with writing credits.

“You get the opportunity to work with somebody and then, people find out. Then, they tear him down ’cause he worked with you. Rather than, ‘Look at you… damn, you must be dope,’” he said. “But it don’t turn out that way. It turn out they get burnt up so then, they’re looking at you crazy and then, they want nothing to do with you at all.”

Check out the full clip below to hear Quentin Miller speak on the situation.


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