R. Kelly Complaints Over Prison Food & Working Out

R. Kelly Complains About Prison Food After Being Told To Work Out


R. Kelly has been trying to get a release from his current incarcerated state, but not even the coronavirus pandemic has made a judge decide for a temporary release. The singer is currently on his third bid to get released on home confinement out of concerns of contracting coronavirus from behind bars. He’s argued that he has health issues, is a diabetic, and overall, susceptible to catching covid-19.

His latest complaints includes the food situation is not acceptable. The Blast reports. In court documents, he explained that he visited a doctor inside of prison at the beginning of May but prior to that, the physician suggested that he cuts down unhealthy foods from his diet and to work out more. During his recent visit, the doctor doubled down on the suggestions, telling Kelly to use loose weights and take vitamins.

The prosecutors have since responded in documents, writing, ““the defendant has been seen by Clinical Director Brij Mohan, M.D., almost monthly (specifically, on January 21, 2020; February 10, 2020; March 31, 2020; and May 1, 2020), and by nurse practitioners on five occasions (January 17, 2020; March 19, 2020; March 26, 2020; April 7, 2020; and April 29, 2020). The defendant has also been seen multiple times by registered nurses this year as well.”