London On Da Track’s mother Cheryl Mack also took the stand as she once worked as Kelly’s assistant, and she reportedly testified that she witnessed situations with women that made her feel uncomfortable.

As reported by Hollywood UnlockedBNC News legal analyst Candace Kelley stated, “This first witness asked for his demo reel to be played, it seemed like he was more of a fan overall. He did do musical work with R. Kelly apparently.” Things did not stop there, as the witness told the court that he still wants to collaborate with Kelly.

“I think that he still aspires to work with R. Kelly in some way. For some reason, he wanted to play his music for R. Kelly, and of course, the judge said no,” she continued. John Holder, a man who acted as Kelly’s accountant for some time, reportedly testified that he never witnessed the singer with any underage girls, never witnessed any abuse, and stated women were dressed “appropriately” when he saw them with Kelly.