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R. Kelly Hires Expert Plea Deal Lawyer For His Case

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R. Kelly has been in serious legal troubles before. In 2008  he was able to escape prison time, but   as of right now things seem to be bleak with his current situation.  Kelly was indicted on federal charges of sexual abuse and other charges soon after the airing of Surviving R. Kelly.   The show  brought heavy attention on the singer which  also brought upon financial strain. He  was denied bond and he is in a predicament of trying to do whatever it takes to stay out of prison.

Jeffrey Steinback  is a person  whom Kelly has hired in hopes of helping his case according to a report by The Tribune .  Steinback has made a name for himself in the courtroom for being an expert in negotiating plea deals. Kelly’s team, as well as Steinback, denied that he was brought on board to try and make a deal. “I was brought in as another set of eyes,” Steinberg said. “I did not meet a monster… I met a man who is hurting… He’s done a great deal of good in his life.”

The Metropolitan Correctional Center is where the singer has been held without bond.  Steinback said he went to meet Kelly at the facility  to get to know “who he is and how I may be of assistance.”