R. Kelly Only Artist For Mariah Carey In “Verzuz” Says Nick Cannon

LEGENDS & ICONS OF MUSIC - Post By Kevin Douglas


The Verzuz series only plausible artist for Mariah Carey is the controversial R. Kelly contends her ex-husband Nick Cannon.

The Breakfast Club had a sit down with Nick Cannon that caused quite a stir when he explained why he had multiple baby mothers and children, but the interview did speak on his ex-wife. It was not about his marital time with the iconic singer, but about her prospects for a Verzuz showdown.

“Who could go against Mariah? Sh*t, I don’t think—it’s unfortunate, and this is…I don’t even wanna open up this can, but the only person who has the level of talent and hits”. Charlamagne quicky interrupted Canon to say that Whitney Houston was a contender since she was known as being “The Voice”, but Cannon begged to differ.

“‘Cause Mariah writes, a lot of people gotta understand, Mariah’s a musician. I’m not impressed by people that can perform songs that it took thirty people to make with you,” Cannon added. The hosts argued that statement negated artists like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Cannon stuck to his guns and said that those who are considered to be the greatest are those who can lock themselves in a room and come up with a hit on their own.

“The only person in this day and age that could have gone against Mariah Carey because she writes all of her songs, she actually produces all of her songs, she puts the songs together and performs them at a high level…R. Kelly.” Cannon continued to boast about his ex-wife’s talents and said even a Verzuz with Mariah and Janet Jackson would be “fire,” but he doesn’t believe there are many artists who could hold a torch to the mother of his twins, Monroe and Morrocan.

Listen to Nick Cannon explain himself below.