R. Kelly Reportedly with Incurable STD According to Medical Records

robert kelly

R. Kelly has been on a roller coaster ride fighting for his life ever since the documentary, Surviving R Kelly, earlier this year capturing mainstream attention.

Now, the fallen singer, is receiving attention again for what is called an incurable sexually transmitted disease. According to documents obtained by Bossip, Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said the singer’s health and medical records prove that the “Pied Piper Of R & B” has herpes and indicate that the victims who accused Kelly of infecting them have proof to back up their claims. The singer was reportedly spreading women to herpes. His team previously said there’s “zero evidence” to the claims made by the accusers.

The government said they have bank statements, airline, Uber and hotel receipts that seem to prove the singer and his team flew girls from state to state. The government is taking other steps to get more information that could indict R. Kelly such as sending out search warrants to Apple Inc. & AT&T for Kelly’s records.

Meanwhile, on last ThursdayR. Kelly missed court due to the State mishandling of bringing him to the courthouse. His lawyer stated that it was not of his own doing of refusing to come to court as originally reported.

“They claimed he refused to come when nobody came to get him. What they said was just not true. It was the State’s Attorney lying to over up their own screw-up over the fact that they didn’t get him.

Lawyer – Steve Greenberg