According to Rolling Stone, the 55-year-old recently tested positive for COVID-19 while in a Brooklyn federal jail, and while this isn’t great news for his health, it does mean that he’s been granted an important extension.

U.S. District Judge Ann M. Donnelly ruled on Tuesday, February 1st that the disgraced recording artist can have an additional two weeks to file an appeal in his federal racketeering case, giving him and his legal team until February 17th to formally fight against his September conviction.

The Chicago-born star was found guilty of all eight counts of child sex trafficking, as well as one count of federal racketeering.

Kelly’s new lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean (known for her work on Bill Cosby’s highly publicized and controversial case of a similar nature) informed the court of her client’s positive test result, adding that it interfered with his ability to participate in the creation of his appeal. “It is vitally important that Mr. Kelly meaningfully participates in his post-trial defence,” she wrote in an official letter to the court.