R. Kelly Transferred To Same Prison As Ghislaine Maxwell: Report

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R. Kelly’s been transferred to a Brooklyn prison where Jeffrey Epstein’s accused accomplice is also being held due to his upcoming trial in New York.

The troubled singer will soon be in court to face his multiple charges of sex trafficking and sexual abuse in different states. The first set of charges that will be addressed by a federal judge which includes sex trafficking and racketeering in Brooklyn for underage girls for the purpose of having sex.

The start of Kelly’s fate is scheduled for Aug. 9th in Brooklyn.

According to PageSix, the singer has already been brought to a notorious jail in Brooklyn that also holds another accused sex trafficker — Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein. Kelly was taken from federal prison in Chicago to the Metropolitan Detention Center in the NYC borough. This particular lockup has been at the center of criticism due to the terrible conditions that detainees have been living in. The MDC was recently sued by the family of a former inmate who died in custody after being pepper-sprayed.

Maxwell has also detailed the conditions of the prison in letters to the federal judge. Maxwell, who is accused of luring underage women for Epstein, said in a recent filing that the raw sewage “permeated” her cell unit. She added that “vermin droppings fell from the air vents.”