R. Kelly’s Ex Azriel Clary Talks About Life After Singer

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azriel clary


Azriel Clary is the ex girlfriend of fallen singer R. Kelly. She talks about her life after R. Kelly. She explains that she loves to connect with other survivors of sexual abuse on the Fanbase App.

Clary finds healing  through music and tells other women how to detect red flags of someone who is a not a good partner through aspects of having love bombing, narcissism, gas lighting, and more.

She was adamant about the backlash she received from the black community and her family included. Azriel Clary’s parents were featured on Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly at the beginning of 2019. They were concerned for their daughter and believed that R. Kelly was abusing and brainwashing her since she was an underage girl.


Azriel Clary speaks on the negative energy she received in an interview on Fox Soul’s “Out Loud” with Claudia.

“For me personally, it was quite disturbing. A majority of the backlash that I received was from the Black community and other influencers and celebrities. But more importantly, that’s kind of what made me feel like it is quite important that I share this because there are so many people that are just like me. Victims are not the ones that should be shamed. It should be the predator. It should be the abuser.”

She added:

“It just shows that there is still a lot of hypocritical people and there are a lot of people that are just very ignorant to the situation. There’s really nothing that I can do for them, personally, but what I can do is help victims know that it is okay to tell how you feel. It is okay to open up with the world regardless of the backlash that it comes with.”

Check out the full interview below.