As R. Kelly‘s legal team is switching up, the singer’s former manager has also faced trouble with the authorities. Months ago, an alleged associate of Kelly, Michael Williams, was sentenced to eight years in prison for reportedly setting Azriel Clary’s car on fire. Clary was once Kelly’s live-in girlfriend along with Joycelyn Savage, and the two women amassed attention during their highly-publicized fallout.While Clary has distanced herself from Kelly, Savage has reportedly stuck by the singer’s side through his recent trial. Now, it is being reported that Savage and her family were at the center of another case involving Kelly’s former manager, James Mason.

According to TMZ, Savage’s parents accused Mason of calling and threatening to “f*cking kill” them.” A warrant for his arrest was issued but Mason would later turn himself over to the authorities. It’s been reported that this case again Mason was dismissed last month after he agreed
to a permanent protective order that prohibits him from having any contact with” Joycelyn or her family.


Meanwhile, as Kelly prepares for his next trial, his friend Kelly Price recently shared her experiences with him. She noted that she and Kelly were as close as siblings, and while she never saw anything inappropriate, there are many aspects of the entertainment industry that don’t get talked about publicly.

“I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” she added. “In this business, and nobody really wants to talk about it, in this business, that’s not odd, that’s actually the culture. It’s the culture… I’ve seen mothers bring their daughters backstage. And that’s the thing nobody wants to talk about.”