R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Still Loves The R&B Star

azriel clary joycelyn savage

The allegations thrown towards R & B star, R. Kelly, has not deterred the love of his girlfriend Azriel Clary. She declared her affection in a post due to the reaction of a video of her dancing. Media outlet, The Shaderoom, made the assumption that Clary was living her best life with no concern for her locked up counterpart.

Clary put the outlet on blast and stated, “Whoever thought they was doing something by posting my story to The Shade Room and screenshotting it…okay, first of all, I’ve always had a f*cking phone. So, I don’t get where people think, ‘Oh my gosh, she has a phone, wow.’ No, I’ve always had a phone. Just because my parents put it out there that I don’t have a phone, that’s them. I don’t talk to my parents. I’m not in communication with my parents, and I don’t want to talk to my parents.”

The girlfriend of Robert Kelly continued to vent and proclaim her love for the alleged sexual predator.

People are going to say what they want. People are going to take whatever they want and turn it into whatever they want. But at the end of the day, let it be known that I am definitely in love with Robert f*cking Kelly

Azriel Clary

R. Kelly’s other live in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, also professes her love the embattled singer. Her family has been trying to get into contact with the young woman for months, but to no avail. R. Kelly had the plug pulled on a meeting that was suppose to occur.