R. Kelly’s Inner-Circle Could Be Charged As Enablers

robert kelly

The entourage of singer, R. Kelly, are reportedly set to be indicted for their involvement in his alleged sex crimes.

R. Kelly was arrested once again last Thursday. His fourth time in prison for the year 2019 has him being indicted in federal courts in New York and Chicago, Illinois. The charges include sexual exploitation of a child and kidnapping.

Two confidants of R. Kelly have received indictments. His former manager, Derrel McDavid, along with another employee named, Milton Brown have also got indictments that are connected to the Chicago singer.

Federal agents aligned with the case are stating “More indictments are on the way”, according to sources who have contacted U.S. website. More members of his entourage will face justice for allegedly facilitating his crimes.

McDavid pleaded not guilty to four charges on Friday, as he denies helping cover up Kelly’s alleged crimes by paying hush money to victims and collecting incriminating tapes of the R&B star to prevent them becoming public.

Chicago prosecutors claim Kelly had sexual contact with five minors. They also claim that he allegedly paid an unidentified individual to cancel a news conference that was to speak about his sexual deviancy with underage girls.