R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says No One Intervened When Singer Was Attacked


robert kelly

It has been a rough year for fallen R & B singer, R. Kelly, as he has made multiple complaints about the conditions in prison which include the coronavirus pandemic and getting into altercations with inmates.

Kelly’s legal team according to CNN has filed court documents claiming that their client was beaten down in prison without anyone having “raised a finger” to intervene the singer from getting harmed. According to documents obtained by CNN, Kelly’s lawyers claimed surveillance footage from MCC in Chicago reveals an inmate had “roamed a great distance … before carrying out that act, without any opposition.”

“An unresolved issue remains as to whether MCC personnel encouraged, and then allowed, a beating of Mr. Kelly to take place,” Michael Leonard, one of Kelly’s attorneys, wrote. “That alone merits an evidentiary hearing.”

Jeremiah Farner, the man claiming to have beat R. Kelly, said that the incident was done to raise awareness on his own case. One of the guards, D. Szyhowskim, allegedly met up with Farmer ahead of the attack in his office. Farmer reportedly ignored the guard’s orders to stay in his office, finding a way to Kelly’s cell and beating him. Szyhowski said he intervened by using pepper spray on Farmer to get him off of Kelly.

The singer’s team now wants to question Farmer.