R.Kelly’s Sisters Speak Out In Defense Of Kelly, Claim Racism


R. Kelly’s sisters are coming to the disgraced singer’s defense in the wake of the 30-year prison sentence he received that they believe was “racist.”

robert kelly

Two of Kelly’s sisters from his father’s side, Cassandra and Lisa Kelly, appeared on U.K.’s Good Morning Britain on Wednesday to share their response to the singer’s racketeering and sex trafficking case, Mirror reports. Speaking with reporter Noel Phillips, the sisters learned that one accuser found it “laughable” that Kelly considered himself the real “victim.”

“We can reveal this morning that the convicted sex offender has been writing letters from inside his prison cell claiming that he was given a 30-year sentence because of the color of his skin,” Phillips said.

However, Phillips noted how “damning” the evidence brought against him in the case was and believed the sentence had nothing to do with Kelly’s ethnicity.

“A prosecutor who was involved in that case has told me that, ‘It’s never been about race and that the US justice system has done its job in locking up a sexual predator,” Phillips said.

But that’s when Cassandra interjected to defend her brother by referencing how frequently Black people fall victim to systemic oppression.

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