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Randy Orton & Soulja Boy Continue Twitter Beef

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Soulja Boy and WWE’s Randy Orton Twitter beef reignites after Orton calls out his baby mothers.

Soulja Boy and WWE Superstar Randy Orton have not seen eye to eye about the profession of sports entertainment aka pro wrestling. Soulja got the ire of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion when he said that the rap game is “faker than WWE”.

The comment got into a Twitter version of the Royal Rumble where wrestlers from different leagues ended up hitting up Soulja Boy. Bow Wow who is looking to get into the business got involved to defend his fellow rapper. It seemed to go away until Orton brought the topic back up.

Randy Orton attempted to show that to Soulja Boy on Tuesday, tagging him on a picture of WWE’s Drew McIntyre and Sheamus showing off their wounds of war from their hard-fought match on Monday Night RAW. Soulja Boys relationship issues was a target by Orton who said, “Which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again?”

“Yeah that sh*t is fake homeboy,” he said. “And I don’t got no baby mommas fool. Looks like your the one looking for relevancy. Enough talking set it up so I can slide on u for the gang, u think sh*t sweet huh.”

Soulja Boy went on to proclaim to be the bigger money maker between the two. He shared a graphic comparing their net worth earnings, Soulja pointed out that he’s worth $30 million compared to Randy’s $11 million. Then he mocked the wrestling gear of the former champion writing “I can’t argue with a man that wears leather thongs”.