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Ranko Fly Throwback On Brooklyn Tea Talk About Meeting Rap Icons

Brooklyn Tea Talk Throwback With Ranko Fly About Meeting Busta Rhymes, Redman, & Shea Marie FU Music

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Brooklyn Tea Talk Tuesday Throwback with Ranko Fly. Toronto hip hop artist Ranko Fly speaks with Brooklyn about his rap aspirations and where it has led him so far. He talks about being in the same studio with hip hop icon Busta Rhymes and meeting other legends such as Redman.

Ranko also crosses the border consistently to expand his craft in places such as New York where he breaks down the similarities of the Big Apple with The 6ix. Ranko also gives a brief history of Toronto hip hop and who paved the way for the likes of himself and the new generation. Ranko promises to deliver something hot for the ladies this winter and also has a new project scheduled for the new year.