Rapper Calls Out Media & Society’s Demeaning of African Race


Speech is an MC that is apart of the 90’s group, “Arrested Development”, and he has always been a hip hop artist on portraying positive images in his music. His group had hits such as “Mr. Wendel” and “People Everyday” and snagged Grammy awards in 1993 for “Best New Artist” and “Best Rap Performance By Duo or Group”. The group would also sell over 6 million copies worldwide.

Their work got the attention of legendary director Spike Lee for the biopic about civil rights leader Malcolm X. They crafted the single “Revolution” for the soundtrack. Speech definitely saw commercial success in the hip hop world and has dealt with executives that run the industry.

He has now taken a new approach with getting his message across using the platform of Youtube to release a documentary in three parts. He has made the first two parts available to the public.

The Arrested Development rapper acknowledges that he may ruffle a few feathers and also not make any allies by going in depth about what he feels are destructive devices used in entertainment and media to demean a race worldwide. Check out this thought provoking documentary below.