A woman came forward to accuse Don Toliver, and multiple other people, of rape and sexual assault. The woman, who goes by @caniba5_ on Instagram, shared her story on the platform, calling out Don, as well as his girlfriend Kali Uchis.

“Don Toliver raped me in 2019,” she said. “And I’ve never said anything to anyone in the public til now. I don’t care, he’s very disrespectful, and fucked up individual. If you listen to his music, please don’t be my friend. Just leave me alone, block me, and go. I’ve kept this to myself and it has caused me so much trauma, and pain I can’t describe. My heart has been trying to mend for so long.”


She later posted a recent picture of Don Toliver and Kali Uchis, adding, “@kaliuchis you’re dating my rapist. Please I loved your music but now my heart is aching because you’re with my abuser.”

She also called out a number of other people, but for obvious reasons, the Don Toliver accusations have had the loudest response. People are currently reacting on social media and wishing that the claims aren’t real.

“If the dontoliver allegations are true this gotta be the biggest fumble ever,” said one fan. “wait wait DonToliver did WHAAATT??” reacted another surprised fan.

Don Toliver has not addressed the allegations yet.