Rapper Willie D Wishes Death Of Charles Barkley Instead Of Kobe Bryant

Willie D Wishes Charles Barkley Would’ve Died Instead Of Kobe Bryant

kobe and charles barkley
The passing of Kobe Bryant has emotions running high ever since that tragic helicopter crash on Sunday (January 26) alongside his 13-year-old daughter Gianni and seven other people.

Kobe Bryant loved hip hop and many rappers admired the NBA great. Monday (January 27), the Geto Boys MC Willie D shocked his followers when he suggested Bryant’s fellow NBA superstar Charles Barkley should’ve been on the helicopter instead.

“It’s OK to question God,” he said on Instagram Live. “In the wake of the late, great Kobe Bryant dying tragically, suddenly, young, a lot of people are in pain all over the world. Some people are saying it feels like the loss of a family member.

“I agree. Kobe was a good dude. So much so that some people are questioning God. I got a question for God too. Why Kobe? How come you didn’t take Charles Barkley? No more talk.”

Some of his followers obviously stated that it wasn’t nice to wish death upon someone else, but the beef he has with Charles Barkley goes back years. In 2016, he called out Barkley in a song called “Coon” in which he accuses the famous athlete of speaking down on his race.

“Blacks been free since Lincoln got wasted,” he raps. “But some of these niggas still on the plantation/Listen up Charles Barkley/You light skin but still calling you a darky/The only reason that they put the mic in your face/Is so you can do they dirt and talk down on your race/TNT made you big put you on a wig/Now you’re acting like you never had trouble with pigs.”