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Rappers That Could Be Comedians According To Comedy Hype

Comedy Hype+ Social Commentary - Post By Kevin Douglas


In hip hop, a rapper is known for being a microphone conductor that could control audiences with their live performances and some relate that skill to stand up comics.

T.I. recently had a viral video of the rapper venturing into the comedic field on Thursday (January 20). The footage circulated online showing the Grand Hustle boss performing in front of a crowd, but not in his usual setting. The artist was seen in a comedy club in a two minute clip.

“If you ever get into the area of cheating, that’s no man’s land,” the Atlanta rapper — who has been married to his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris for 12 years — joked. “Can you be in a committed relationship and still have a friend from the opposite sex? Now, if you fucking, it don’t count!

“The ladies like, ‘Yes it do, it still count!’ See, y’all muthafuckas ain’t shit, man. Ladies cheat! They ain’t better than us, so don’t get into the game because the shit is gonna be fucked up for you.”

The latest installment of Hype+ looks at how entertainers have been able to do multiple forms of entertaining through movies, music, and television. The list is long for artists who were in music that trickled over to other entertainment genres. A who’s who of Hollywood includes the likes of Beyonce, Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, and more.

So who else could perhaps entertain fans the comedic stage?


Hype+ host, Tatiyana Le’Joy, notes that “50 Cent is notorious for being petty and is one of the biggest trolls on the internet.” He rivalries with Rick Ross, Ja Rule, and Lil’ Kim spawned some of the funniest memes on the internet in her mind. Curtis Jackson even took his trolling to the boxing world against the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The rap icon would eventually make his own comedy show on television when he teamed up with BET for 50 Cent Central in 2017. His comedic skills even got him an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show.


The Toronto rap icon started off his career in entertainment on Degrassi, but ended up one of the biggest artists of the last decade. Drake used his acting skills to pull of comedic skits on shows like Saturday Night Live by impersonating comedian Katt Williams.


Tatiyana Le’Joy believes Kanye West has the spirit of comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle in that he says things other people are afraid to say in public. His outspoken nature makes him a natural comic due to having no filter. The rap billionaire’s “George Bush doesn’t love black people” line is an example of this.

Check out the rest of the list in the video below.