Raptors Superfan Doesn’t Want Kawhi’s Jersey Retired


The biggest fan in Raptors history has broken his silence about the reigning NBA Champions loss of NBA star Kawhi Leonard. There has been a lot of rumblings by critics that the team is now in more of a rebuilding stage rather than a defending champion stage. Nav, The Raptors Super Fan, has a different take on the situation.

Kawhi Leonard has been credited for bringing Toronto its first NBA Title. Despite being traded to the Raptors in a spiteful move by the San Antonio Spurs, Leonard managed to play to his fullest abilities in the playoffs and surprised his critics. However, now Kawhi Leonard has moved on to play for his hometown of Los Angeles with the Clippers. He spoke with the Sportsnet broadcasting company about his thoughts.

[The championship] was not just because of him,” Nav explained. “It was because of [Fred] VanVleet. It was because of Marc Gasol guarding [Joel] Embiid. It was because of [Kyle] Lowry playing his heart out. It was a lot of people. Not just because of Kawhi.” 

Nav also explained that Kawhi Leonard doesn’t deserve having his Raptors #2 jersey retired. He showed disappointment in Leonard’s decision to leave his city. Nav stated, “I thought he would make the right intelligent decision, but he didn’t make that intelligent decision”. Super Fan also made sure to let Kawhi Leonard know during his next visit to Toronto he will not be giving him any special treatment.

“He’s gone. I’m the least interested in him now. I’m focused on my people, my team. We’ll give him love before the game, we’ll give him love after the game, but for those 48 minutes, I’m going to be throwing every towel, every jersey I can find for him to miss the free throw — and all the fans are going to join me in making the noise