The ex-husband of Kim  Kardashian, Kanye West, has once again brought attention to the infamous sex tape between his ex-wife and Ray J.  Similar to Kim Kardashian, Ray J went on to become a reality television star and open up his own businesses. He also has a similar divorce situation going on with his wife Princess Love. Ye sat down with Hollywood Unlocked and the past was brought up which has caused Ray J to trend.  According to West, he was given a laptop that contained a second sex tape involving Ray and Kim Kardashian, but his ex-wife has denied there was any sexual aspect to it. However, Kim Kardashian did thank her ex-husband for retrieving the item. Kanye said he immediately turned it over to his wife who cried when she received it.


The conflicting viewpoints about this item that Kanye confiscated from Ray J has been a hot talking point online. Fans have turned to Ray J for answers. It seems that Ray has opted to not speak about that infamous, intimate video that involved his ex-girlfriend Kim K. Defenders of the beauty icon have come forward to say that she is a mother with children and shouldn’t be subjected to this narrative, but Ray J chimed in with a reminder, as well.

“This needs to stop,” he wrote in a simple tweet. “I also have kids.”

Aside from attempting to calm the storm of this rumored second tape, Ray has continued to move forward with his business dealings and was photographed at Mar-a-Lago with Trump. That photo has elicited a mixed bag of reactions. Check it out below.