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R&B duo Midnight Genius Exclusive Interview With WorldWide

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Jonathan Maniraho and Kathryn Masters, the Vancouver-based alternative R&B duo best known as Midnight Genius are thrilled to announce the release of their new single High Alert.


The duo have performed for “RAW: natural born artists”, the artists showcase in Vancouver and their unique sound and songs have caught the attention of radio stations like Chill Rose Radio 101.7 fm in Vancouver,  B-Side Radio CJRU 1280 and CFRU 93.3 FM in Toronto, and Cimer! Radio in Paris. With over a half a million streams on Spotify alone, the duo has also been featured on numerous Spotify curated playlists such as “Just Vibing”, “Fresh Finds” and “Mood Ring”.



The duo recently spoke with WorldWide Entertainment TV about their music and plans for the new year.

What made you two decide to become a duo? 

We started off by making music separately and would always show eachother what we’d been working on. Because we trusted one anothers creative feedback, we never took constructive criticism personally since we knew it was for the betterment of the art. During those creative sessions, we realized our ideas meshed really well together and we both had the same vision for what we wanted as artists and for the music.

Is there a process or routine you go through when creating music? 

We typically like to go through a catalog of beats varying from different genres and producers. If an instrumental sparks an exciting new melody, we’ll then build around that idea by experimenting with more flows and those flows will then eventually turn into lyrics with a storyline.

How do you determine the final product if there is any creative conflict? 

At the end of the day we trust each other’s opinions and always make decisions based on what’s best for the duo. We typically work on a song/ project until we’re equally satisfied with the final product. Sometimes that means restructuring an existing idea, redoing a verse a few times or even scratching the record completely.

What is the meaning behind the duo name? 

Midnight Genius stems from having our best creative ideas coming to life after Midnight.

How would you describe your style of music? 

Soulful, bouncy, alternative R&B

In the last 5 years you have released some projects. 
Could you give us some insight into some of the music released? 

In 2017 we released an EP titled “Tales of the Young” and a 2nd EP titled “This Time Last Year” in 2019. Since then, we’ve released a single every 6-8 weeks. Being in the studio 7 days a week and putting in our 10,000 hours, we feel we’ve grown as artists and have found a niche pocket and our sound has really evolved since our first couple projects. The upcoming EP will show the growth and versatility in the production and overall arrangements.

What is the current new single release? 

Our latest single is “High Alert”. It’s a feel-good, up-tempo record with a latin inspired production. 8. How could a listener get a hold of your music?

Give us a follow on any streaming platform!

Midnight Genius | Spotify

Midnight Genius on Apple Music

Are there any visuals out there people can watch of Midnight Genius? 

We upload visualizers with every single. They can be found on our Youtube channel. Youtube/@MidnightGeniusOfficial

What could your fans expect for the year 2023? 

We have an EP coming out very soon, new visuals and shows, shows, shows!

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