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Reacher Actor Emeka Agada Exclusive Interview On New Series

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive Interview

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Emeka Agada is a Nigerian-Canadian Actor making waves in the entertainment business. You can catch this rising star in the upcoming Amazon original series  Reacher, based on the Jack Reacher character from Lee Child’s international bestselling books. Amazon  Prime Video has the series set to premiere on today (Friday February 4th, 2022).

He plays JD, a leader of a tough  crew at the Georgia penitentiary. The Amazon Original Series first season which features eight episodes will  be available to stream in more than 240 countries and territories on the today.

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive Interview

WWETV Network had an interview with the actor emanating from the United Kingdom. He is currently in Europe furthering his education and took time from his busy schedule to give us more insight into his life and latest project.


As some of our viewers know, WorldWide Entertainment TV has interviewed Tony Williams in the past. She was best known for the character Olivia Winters on the classic soap opera, Young And The Restless. The actress informed us about how there was little opportunity when she was coming up during the 1970’s. She would have to move to the United States to have a greater chance of advancement in her career.

We asked Emeka Agada if he has encountered the same situation and he told us the following.

“Historically, that very much was the case, as the Canadian film industry is very tight knit. At some point you have to realize whether I’m getting the work or not getting the work. You got to get to the place where the work is happening,” says Agada.

He did add that “right now, the industry is growing because we got Netflix and Amazon along with other outlets that are spreading work around for actors.” The actor says “that has caused some actors who may have crossed the border 10 to 15 years ago, to now stay in their home county.”


As a growing artist in his field, WWETV Network asked Agada who are some of the best actors to learn the skill of acting from. His answers were a varied spectrum of talent. He mentioned some of the greatest to ever appear on the big screen.

“In no order, I would say Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, Jessica Chastain, Robert DeNiro, and  Daniel Day Lewis.” Agada believes these are great actors that people can learn best from studying the art form.


WWETV Network asked Emeka Agada what his choices were for greatest movie ever and what he still loves to watch over and over. He gave two interesting answers that also tie in with his list of actors mentioned above.

The Reacher actor stated, “A movie I do still watch is Malcolm X. It’s powerful. The Godfather is another. I was watching it a month ago. It still holds up. A movie that can be timeless is beautiful. The movie came out in the 1970’s and you can still watch it today. No matter how many times you watch it. It still holds the same weight.”

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Emeka Agada gave us a breakdown of some of the work he has done in the past. “I was in Nurses that aired on Global television in Canada. I was on it during the summer time for season 2. I was on Ransom which aired on CBS,” explained the actor.


movies & televisionEmeka is best known for his renowned guest starred performance as Dillion James on season two of Global  TV’s medical drama, Nurses which is available on Stack TV /Prime Video. The episode was directed by John  Fawcett, the creator of Canadian Screen Award winner, Black Orphan. His TV credits also include Blues Clues & You.


The actor spoke about his latest project that is now streaming on Amazon Prime, Reacher, that is now available starting today February 4th.

Reacher follows Jack Reacher, a veteran military police investigator who has just recently entered civilian life. Reacher is a drifter, carrying no phone and the barest of essential as he travels the country and explores  the nation he once served.

When Reacher arrives in the small town of Margrave, Gregoria, he finds a  community Grambling with its first homicide in 20 years. The cops immediately arrest him, and eyewitnesses claim to place Reacher at the scene of the crime.


When he works to prove his innocence, a deep-seated conspiracy begins to emerge, one that will require  Reacher’s keen mind and hard-hitting fist to deal with. One thing above all is for sure: they picked the wrong  guy to take the fall. The Amazon Original series is produced by Skydance Television, Paramount Television studios and stars Alan Ritchson Malcolm Goodwin, Willa, Fitzgerald, Chris Webster, Hugh Thompson, Maria  Sten, Harvey Guillen, Kristin Kreuk, Currie Graham, Marc Bendavid, Willie C. Carpenter, Maxwell Jenkins and  Bruce McGill also Star.

The executive producers are Nick Santora, Lee Child, Don Granger, Scott Sullivan,  David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Bill Bost.


He most recently wrote/directed comedy web series Black Smith and short  film Entangled which had a film festival run in 2020. Emeka is also expected to appear in original adventure  series Ruby and The Well which is set to premiere via BYUTV on February 27th, 2021.

The actor has also recently been nominated for an award for the 20th ACTRA Awards in Toronto On-Camera and Voice.

Candidates for ACTRA Toronto’s juried Outstanding Performance awards are submitted for consideration by ACTRA Toronto members. The nominees and winners are chosen by a select jury of ACTRA Toronto members.

ACTRA Toronto is the largest organization within ACTRA, representing over 15,000 of Canada’s 27,000 professional performers working in recorded media in Canada. An advocate for Canadian culture since 1943, ACTRA is a member-driven union that continues to secure rights and respect for the work of professional performers.