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Reaction To Lil Wayne & Drake Collaborative Album Teaser

drake vs lil wayne

During a new interview with Vibe, Lil Wayne evoked the long standing fascination by some hip hop fans for a collaborative album with Drake. He states that he and Drake are still in constant competition against one another.

Lil Wayne revealed that “We’re both doing what we do, but he already know,” in terms of past songs with Drake. “We still text and send songs here and there, change a verse because he killed me or change a verse ‘cuz I killed him. It’s still the same competition.”

Of course, the fans will be paying close attention to any updates about this possible joint venture in the future. The reactions have been across the board. Some want to see the collaboration for different reasons and some believe the project should have happened years ago when Drake and Lil Wayne were on the road together for the “Drake vs Lil Wayne” Tour.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped discussion about the two popular hip hop artists and their place in the current landscape of hip hop. One interesting reaction was from Daily Dose on The Nick Cannon Morning Show. The team discusses the possibility of a Lil Wayne and Drake album.