The rap billionaire, Kanye West, is scheduled to release “DONDA” finally later tonight (August 6th) after spending weeks finishing his album at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. West has been hyping the album all day throughan IRL live stream that depicts him in his small room in the stadium.Fans first saw the two iconic producer/rappers together in 2019 in a picture together that went viral. The photo at the time was believed to be apart of a studio session for Jesus Is King 2 that never got released.  The collaboration has come to fruition for “DONDA” as Beats by Dre posted to its official Twitter with a new commercial featuring Sha’Carri Richardson.

Some are not happy with what they have heard so far with the tease and others are looking forward to hearing the full single. There is also speculation that Snoop Dogg will be appearing on the “Glory” single. Check out the reactions below.