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Reactions To Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Conviction Overturn

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In this photo taken Nov. 6, 2014, entertainer Bill Cosby pauses during an interview about the upcoming exhibit, Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue, at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art in Washington. The Smithsonian Institution is mounting a major showcase of African-American art and African art together in a new exhibit featuring the extensive art collection of Bill and Camille Cosby. More than 60 rarely seen African-American artworks from the Cosby collection will join 100 pieces of African art at the National Museum of African Art. The exhibit “Conversations: African and African American Artworks in Dialogue,” opens Sunday and will be on view through early 2016. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Bill Cosby after serving two years in prison, has been reportedly discharged on Wednesday (June 30th) following the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to overturn his sexual assault conviction.

It was reported two months ago that Bill Cosby had been denied parole by the Pennsylvania Parole Board after consistently failing to attend and participate in a treatment program for sex offenders. Many, including OJ Simpson, criticized Cosby and his legal team for not meeting the necessary requirements to be granted parole, but now, it appears that Cosby and his legal team were focused on much bigger things.

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has shockingly overturned Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, and several news outlets have reported that the disgraced comedian is expected to be released from prison in a matter of hours. According to the Associated Press, the court reportedly overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction after discovering an agreement with a previous prosecutor that prevented Cosby from being charged in the case.

Associated Press reports that the prosecution unethically used newly unsealed evidence when he was charged in late 2015. Apparently, the evidence came from Cosby’s damaging deposition from Andrea Constand’s civil lawsuit that was filed in 20015, and Cosby was arrested days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired. As a result, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found that Cosby’s trial was tainted, and it ultimately settled upon the decision to overturn his conviction.


When expressing its opinion, the court said, “When an unconditional charging decision is made publicly and with the intent to induce action and reliance by the defendant, and when the defendant does so to his detriment (and in some instances upon the advice of counsel), denying the defendant the benefit of that decision is an affront to fundamental fairness, particularly when it results in a criminal prosecution that was foregone for more than a decade.”

Bill Cosby, now 83 years old, has remained in prison for two years following his conviction in 2018, and according to NBC News, the world-famous comedian is set to be released from prison.

Bill Cosby did not speak with the media as his team represented him during a press conference. CBS New York CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports below.

Bill Cosby did make a statement on social media along with his co-star of the classic Cosby Show Phylicia Rashad which received some backlash online.

This story being developed, so stay tuned for updates. Check out the reaction of the prison release by social media below.