Reactions To Candace Owens & Cardi B Political Beef

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Cardi b has not been silent about her thoughts on the political landscape of the United States. She has voiced her displeasure of the current President Donald Trump for years now. With the elections only a few weeks away, Cardi B has been vocal in getting the former reality star out of the White House. She has done public interviews with his political rival from the Democratic party in Joe Biden.

Candace Owens has been a proponent for the Republican party and over the weekend she got into a social media combat with the New York rapper over politics. Candace Owens fired her shot at Cardi B over her “WAP” song lyrics that led to a fiery debate online.

“I’m almost 6 months pregnant and had to rip @iamcardib a new WAP,” said Candace Owens with Cardi B reacting with “Your baby singing wap wap wap this some dry ass pussyyyy,”.

Candace Owens responded in defense with “Attacking an unborn child. How very DEMOCRAT of you,” and talked about abortion in the Black community attacking other women by saying Black child is “in its mother’s womb.”

Cardi B then went on a rant exposing Cardi B’s appreciation of her in past tweets.

“Never listen to a person that has private security but wants the public police defunded. Never listen to a millionaire that made it here in America, but trashes our country. These Hollywood idols are frauds, leading sheep down paths they never took when they discovered success,” wrote Owens, subtweeting Cardi. “To those asking— no, I was not invited to speak at Cardi B’s funeral. She is still tweeting about me. I broke @iamcardib.”

Candace Owens declared herself the winner of the war of words on social media.