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Reactions To Derek Chauvin Found Guilty In George Floyd Death

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The death of George Floyd created a frenzy across the world with riots over the injustice of seeing him lose his life at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

It became a huge story in 2020 during a time when the pandemic took over the planet with covid-19. The long history of pain of racial injustice reared its ugly head and with the new era of social media, it generated a new flame for the new generation against the corruption of the policing system.

People being on lockdown and quarantine across the world caused more people than usual to see the viral video at the same time. With the nations being boiled up staying at home under orders, the eruption of the people hitting the streets was reminiscent of the 1990’s LA riots.

As people waited on the verdict of Derek Chauvin, social media waited online with their thoughts. Of course, there was hesitancy by some to assume there would be a guilty verdict due to the troubled history between society and the police in America. The police who were let free after the beating of Rodney King in the early 90’s was cause for those who remembered that time period.