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Reactions To Eminem G.O.AT. Rappers List



Eminem has revealed his greatest rappers of all time list.

On Saturday (June 13), YouTuber NoLifeShaq posted a video of himself DM’ing 30 rappers on Instagram and asking them all the same question: “Who is the greatest rapper of all time?” Among the rappers he reached out to was Slim Shady. Unfortunately, the Detroit rapper did not respond immediately.

However, on Sunday morning (June 14), Em did get the message. He instead responded on Twitter with his answer. “For me, in no particular order… Toss up between [lil] wayne, [2]pac, royce [da 5’9"], jay[-[-z]redman, treach, [k[kool]. rap, biggie & king crook,” Eminem posted.

Though most of the names on his list were rap veterans, in a follow-up post, he added some newer names. “Plus redman, LL [c[cool j]nas, joyner [l[lucas]kendrick [l[lamar][j[j]ole, andre [3[3000]rakim, [b[big daddy]ane…,” he added.