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Reactions To Immortal Technique Reaction To Trump Ban



Another artist has taken his thoughts over the Donald Trump social ban in the underground hip hop artist icon Immortal Technique.

He shares his thoughts on concerns over the power of “big tech” companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Immortal Technique is known for speaking on social issues affecting communities and of course the antics of the people who attended the “Stop The Steal” rally which is now infamously known as the “Capitol Riot” from last week.

The actions of those at the event help to led to the banning of the President of The United States due to him leading the charge of election fraud by the democratic party. Immortal Technique started his take with saying, “Here’s what some people aren’t seeing,” and continued with “Trump is off social media for inciting violence. So for 4 years these big tech guys loved him cuz he was good for business. Now they act? lol Also how long before they decide that I’M inciting violence. There is a long game to consider here.”

He also took a moment to react to the now-viral video of the weeping Capitol rioter who recently found himself on the no-fly zone. “He was so tough the other day,” writes Technique, sharing the clip on his timeline. “Now it’s like he’s facing the consequences of his actions for the first time. Smh He’s not gonna make it in jail.”

The followers of Immortal Technique gave their take on the whole situation and his commentary of events below.