Reactions To Jimmy Kimmel’s N Word Use In Snoop Imitation Song

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Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular rappers in the genre’s history. He has obviously garnered a huge following ever since his debut in the early 90’s. Jimmy Kimmel is one of those fans, but the comedian imitating Snoop in a song back in 1996 may have come back to haunt him.

A track in a 1996 Christmas album from Snoop was an original song in which Kimmel used the “N-word” several times. According to Fox News, the admission came in a January 2013 podcast obtained this weekend by Fox News. In the podcast, Kimmel also changed his speech pattern in an attempt to adopt the voice of black comedian George Wallace, in what host Adam Carolla called Kimmel’s “crazy black voice.” Kimmel acknowledged imitating black people on other occasions as well.

Fox News additionally has obtained audio from the Christmas album, “A Family Christmas In Your A–,” which came out of the “Kevin & Bean” radio show that aired on KROQ-FM in California. A version of the track featuring Kimmel’s Snoop Dogg imitation, “Christmastime in the LBC” is now floating on social media.

In the 2013 podcast, Carolla said “Jimmy is doing Snoop” in the track, and Kimmel affirmed, “This is when Snoop Dogg first came out, hit the scene, and I used to imitate him by only saying, ‘You know what I’m saying?'”

“Jimmy, do you only do black people?” someone asks on the podcast.

“I prefer them, yes,” Kimmel responds, apparently jokingly.