Reactions To Murder of Rapper Mo3 In Dallas Shootout

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The year 2020 has taken the life of another rapper. Mo3 is most known for his collaboration with Boosie “Errybody (Remix)” has passed away.

As reported on TMZ, a rapper named Mo3, 28 was shot and killed during a Dallas shooting.

The report says before the fatal shooting, Mo3 was approached by a gunman traveling northbound on I-35. The gunman got out of the car and approached Mo3’s. Then Mo3 got out of his car and started running, but the gunman started chasing and shooting him. One of the bullets hit Mo3 in the back of the head.

The gunman also reportedly shot an innocent bystander who was taken to the hospital. Luckily they suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Mo3 survived a shooting last year. The reports also says he was arrested in 2017 for his involvement with a Dallas-Fort Worth nightclub shooting that left one person dead.

Check out the reactions from the hip hop world to the untimely death of the hip hop artist.