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Reactions To Night 2 Of Genius: Aretha Series

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The first night of the series saw some jaw dropping information released about the life of Aretha Franklin, but night 2 of the event series topped it.

As mentioned in the recap of the first night of the series on National Geographic, some family members do not co-sign the series of Genius:Aretha due to the producers not including them in the production. As night 2 finished, it became clear why the producers decided to leave the family out of the creative process because of very touchy subjects such as teenage pregnancy, adultery, civil rights movement, and more.

We learn how Aretha Franklin was close friends with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The legendary civil rights activist was also friends with her father which at times saw conflict with scheduling when both pastors wanted the star power of Aretha at events. During the programming we see moments of King giving some advice to Franklin about being more independent of her husband and father.

The flashbacks to the young prodigy, Aretha, as a kid on the gospel circuit. It is discovered Franklin was in awe of the legendary Sam Cook as child and with the help of an adult was able to sneak into one of his concerts.

The family laundry was unloaded in these episodes and the writers of the series began the unraveling through an unfortunate interview with Time magazine. Originally thought to be something that would be of great PR, turned out to be a nightmare as the person behind the article ambushed the family with speaking to members separately before the planned group meeting. It appears that Franklin’s husband, Ted, was the culprit who spilled the tea about the parental issues that led to the mother leaving and more.

As the show progressed, it is also finally revealed what the real problem that came between Franklin’s parents. The show informed viewers that Aretha’s father had impregnated a child in his own congregation. The bombshell just took the show to another level in terms of what the first night presented with Aretha also having a child as a child.