Reactions To Passing of WWE Legend Pat Patterson

LEGENDS & ICONS - Article By Christine Smith


The world of sports and entertainment has lost a legendary figure behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Pat Patterson who was born in 1941 has passed away in the hectic year of 2020.

He was first a contracted worker for Vince Mcmahon’s father in the 1970’s when the now WWE was known as the WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation). Patterson became the organization’s first Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion in 1979 and the title is one of the top prizes in the company til this day. He was a trailblazer in the world of professional wrestling which the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) would eventually take over as the mainstream juggernaut of the 1980’s with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Andre The Giant.

He began wrestling in the 1950s and had legendary matches with the likes of where he famously engaged in a series of awesome matches with Sgt. Slaughter. Patterson would join the commentary team in the WWF in the 1980’s and would eventually become the originator of one of the company’s biggest events in the Royal Rumble.

In his book — “Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE” — Patterson explained how the Rumble came to be.

“The first Royal Rumble was on January 24, 1988, in Hamilton, Ontario. The difference between WWE’s Royal Rumble and a traditional over-the-top rope battle royal is that the participants come into the match at two-minute intervals — not all at the same time at the beginning of the match. I wanted to create something special.”

In latter years during the ever popular “Attitude Era” that was led by the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he was known as one of the beloved “Stooges” of boss Vince Mcmahon.

Check out the online reactions to the passing of this legendary pro wrestler.