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Reactions To Popular Youtuber Latoya Forever Getting A Divorce

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The popular Youtube sensation known as Latoya Forever posted some upsetting news for her fans on social media. The Youtube personality informed her followers that she was indeed getting a divorce from her husband of nine years. The two helped to build one of the most inspiring from the ground up youtube channels in recent years.

God has the greatest and final say, whether it be divorce, separation, reconciliation, or etc. and as much as we love you and care for you, he (God) is who you can talk to and listen to first and always! May he give you strength, wisdom and peace 🙏🏼 .. Love you beautiful ❤️

Latoya Forever

Originally based in Toronto, they two would eventually move to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams once their following received hundreds of thousands. WorldWide Entertainment TV Toronto met up with Latoya Forever at the former Youtube Space Studio in Toronto for her exclusive book signing that you can watch below.

The reaction to the announcement of the divorce has even long time fans who haven’t watched their programming coming back to give their thoughts on the split.