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Reactions To Tory Lanez Flaming Cassidy & R. Kelly In Diss

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Tory Lanez has clapped  back with a music video entitled “When It’s Dark” freestyle off his NFT album of the same name.

“I leave Cass body in that casket his career is in / My prime to your prime, dawg, it’s no comparison,” raps Tory on his scathing verse. “What you gon’ prepare, some Smack DVD appearances / Ding, ding, ding, 15 seconds of fame is up / Was in them hotels with R. Kelly, we should flame you up.”

The hip hop artist and singer continued with “Old n-ggas talkin’, I ain’t hearin’ em, I put fear in ’em,” he spits in part. “I leave Cas’ body in that casket his career is in/My prime to your prime, dawg, it’s no comparison/What you gon’ compare? Some SMACK DVD appearances?”

The rhymes were in response to Cassidy calling him a rhyme thief on the song “Perjury”.

“You keep stealin’ all the bars you write / F**k all the hype / You been a bitch all your life / But a shoot a chick quick like Eddie in Harlem Nights,” raps the Philly MC. “Canada got free healthcare, you gon’ need some / It’s stolen bars in all the records that he’s done / None of his shit is original, shit pitiful / I was selling records ‘fore the game went digital.”

Speaking to Hip Hop Uncensored, Cassidy explained why he initially felt disrespected, saying, “He feel like just because he [an] artist with some songs out, that him rappin’ to my beat is like, I should feel privileged. Like I should feel like he doin’ something for me, like I should feel grateful. Fuck outta here.

“N-ggas been rappin’ to my beats. I been doin’ this shit way before you came around. I don’t give a fuck about you rappin’ to my beat… Pay homage for real, n-gga. Pay homage for real.”

You could check out the music video with R. Kelly and Cassidy below.

Obviously the mentioning of the controversial R. Kelly who is currently in a legal tussle with the courts in New York would create buzz online. Check out the reactions below.