Reactions To Trevor Noah’s Invade Us Canada Request To Canadians


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The United States is currently in a lot of civil unrest due to people wanting true change and reform to the systemic racism that permeates throughout the country which contributes to unnecessary deaths such as George Floyd at the hands of police.

The cities are currently burning and the people are looting in protest. Some regions have even disbanded the police force such as Seattle. Talk show host, Trevor Noah has created a campaign for Canadians to invade the United States to help a country in crisis.

He took to twitter to release a video with the following statement.

Democracy in the United States has failed. And America knows that when a country needs democracy, you invade it. That’s why we’re calling on Canada to invade the United States and restore democracy. Sign the petition:

The reactions to this video have been entertaining to say the least. Check some of the best trending after the Trevor Noah video went viral.