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Real Blackity Talk Q&A at Red Carpet Premiere Exclusive

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive

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WorldWide Entertainment TV presents Red Carpet Premiere exclusive with Real Blackity Talk Show that streams on CBC Gem. The event took place March 16th, 2022 in downtown Toronto and some CBC Gem actors and actresses attended the historic event. The stars of the show answer questions from the audience with this exclusive in the video below.


It is a docu-talk show that shines a spotlight on the perspectives and experiences of Black women and non-binary Black folk in Canada. The series is hosted by two wildly charismatic and flawlessly bilingual Burundian-Canadian sisters, Aiza and Kamana Ntibarikure. They are accompanied by a dazzling team of correspondents – their Blaxperts – who provide valuable insight, a diverse range of viewpoints, and delectable banter. Each episode explores and unpacks a different aspect of the modern human experience – from our relationships with our bodies, the ways we use social media to communicate and express ourselves, to how we engage with our communities and cultural heritage.


While the topics are universal, the lens through which they’re examined is uniquely Black. The series is fast-paced, weaving seamlessly between moments that are charming, funny, poignant and honest. Aiza and Kamana are always ready to spill the tea or share a little behind-the-scenes anecdote about their personal lives. Likewise, as two natural performers with a remarkable synergy, they are always ready to break into song or a humorous skit to punctuate their stories.

Check out season 1 of Real Blackity Talk Show here.