Real Life People Roasted By ‘In Living Color’

Comedy Legends & Icons - Post By Kevin Douglas

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It’s “Old School Saturday” and the hit skit comedy series, In Living Color, gets reviewed by Comedy Hype for its real life roasting of celebrities.

The show would see some of the biggest actors in Hollywood during their initial days in the business being groomed for stardom in characters that would be loved by millions of fans. The show consisted of Oscar award winning actors such as Jamie Foxx and blockbuster box office smash hitting movies through Jim Carrey.

The series was led by the creative mind of Keenan Ivory Wayans who was not afraid to cross lines that other traditional sketch comedy series would not do such as ‘Saturday Night Live”.

Some of those lines crossed was roasting real life celebrities and icons such as Nation of Islam leader Billy Dee Williams, Louis Farrakhan, politician Marion Barry, MC Hammer, Tina Turner, and Prince.

Keenan Ivory Wayans also spoke about running into the people who he made fun of on the television show. “Mike Tyson, Sugar Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Jesse Jackson, Don King, almost everybody I’ve ever made fun of on the show. And everyone was really cool…..I heard Whitney Houston was mad at me” stated the brainchild of “In Living Color”.

In this special report by Symphony Thompson we check out a few real life people who would end up getting roasted by the show.