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Reflecting On The New Generation of Hip-Hop Fans

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The back and forth between new generations and the previous generations of hip hop continue to cross that generation gap. One youtuber has given some thought about the changing landscape from the 90’s until what we call hip hop today.

As yours truly, The Venom, has been perusing the internet, I found an interesting person with the code name “Blacky Speakz” that has rightly divided the new generation vs old generation of hip hop debate.

It is understandable the differences in emotions from hip hop fans and differing tastes. Check out the video below that asks the question of whether or not a legend such as Nas has any bearing on the new generation of listeners. It’s interesting as the video thumbnail has Nas who once created controversy at the beginning of the millennium when he declared that hip hop is dead.

Roddy Rich is one of the hottest rap acts today and he raised some eyebrows when he stated that he felt Future is a G.O.A.T. It does raise the question of a person’s perspective being shaped by the time period they became a fan.

The new era that has been over saturated with the social media phenomena is also something that the old school never had. It is much easier now to consume music and to acquire it like fast food unlike back in the day when people had to physically enter a brick and mortar building to pre-listen and buy an album.

The advent of platforms such as Instagram have given a path for more people to create fan followings, but has this also changed why and how listeners consume the music today? Also, with these platforms it has given more people a voice to talk about what they like or dislike and has caused what is called the “herd mentality”. Is this a problem in the current era?

Are we going to start seeing more rappers popping, but on the other hand more rappers falling to way side much quicker? Is there such a thing as the “Popping Rapper Trap”?

I end this review of these videos with the topic of Drake. He is indeed the most successful rapper who took the reigns from Lil Wayne and Kanye West who were the hot acts when he first hit it big.

How has Drake survived the new generation vs old generation stigma that he could possibly be facing soon? It seems Drake paying attention to being in tune with everyone and staying hungry a decade later.

The rap game saw a major shift occur in the years of 2016 and 2017 as explained by another youtuber below.

My final analysis of this topic about the new generation of hip hop fans comes down to people are going to like what they like. There are some newer fans who respect the old school and the living legends, but can’t relate to them simply because they are not putting out a product as consistently and that is targeted to what they are going through.

No one reigns forever at the top. Let’s look at genres for instance. Someone as legendary as Michael Jackson was easily the “King Of Pop” during his transition from the child prodigy to prince of r&b to his reign in the 1980’s.

To some he fell off after the “Dangerous” album and never recovered after huge hits such as “Remember The Time”. Now it should be noted that he had a powerhouse run from the late 1960’s to the mid 1990’s before the rise of hip hop stars such as Tupac and Biggie Smalls who captivated America with the “East vs West” coastal beef.

This is why it is important to keep perspective and for those who were around the different time periods to properly document or correct current day assumptions by fans who just weren’t around when groundbreaking artists were changing the industry. Lil Xan’s comments from the video above seem even more out of place after realizing why people were very upset at him for disrespecting hip hop legends.

I end this to say, hip hop needs healing and a bridge for the generation gap. As Rodney King once famously said, “can’t we just get along”?

This has been another article by The Venom for WorldWide Entertainment TV.